Our Philosophy

Through these formative years the club has strived to maintain its image as a family-oriented club where all players are given a fair go. This philosophy has been a major contribution to the growth and success of the Club. Over the years the playing strength and the standard of play has improved dramatically yet we have never lost sight of why we exist – so our children regardless of their religious, ethnic or socio economic background could enjoy their sport and find a level at which they could compete and enjoy what they did.

Club Development Philosophy

  • Develop well rounded young players through the appropriate football environment which teaches respect, humility, integrity, reward through effort and fair play at all times.
  • Provide an environment for every player which allows freedom of expression, creativity and a love of beautiful football.
  • Encourage our young players to express who they are through their football.
  • Provide football training which systematically develops in our players the key football attributes of technique, ball skill, and football intelligence.
  • Encourage our coaches to facilitate player learning, rather than imposing restrictions and strict tactics on our players. Strive to constantly improve our club football knowledge base through education and employment of outstanding technicians to offer the best football learning environment to our players.
  • Encourage as a matter of policy the core football attributes of technique, ball skill, and respect for the football above physical attributes.
  • Provide an inclusive development pathway into senior football throughout the club. Encourage leadership through mentor coaching and refereeing.
  • Encourage an appreciation for the club, its volunteers, administrators and officials. Play football with a smile.

Club Style of Play

The Football Club Clifton Hill endorses and believes in a style of football which is based on technique and ball skill. World football success has always been based on these attributes above the purely physical. We are here to provide a learning environment which gives our players the greatest opportunity to enjoy the game, and for those who are gifted and work hard enough, the best chance to one day win a World Cup with Australia.

To this end, we:

  • Always encourage the passing of the football as opposed to kicking it long. Begin our play from the defence, who are encouraged to start our attacks. Use a short passing game, with longer passes only when appropriate and as the exception rather than the rule.
  • Encourage technique and skill, and reward these throughout our club. Play attacking, entertaining football. Focus on the long term development of young footballers, as opposed to a short term results based focus.
  • Encourage flair, creativity and improvisation on the football pitch. Encourage positional and team system variations to develop well rounded footballers.

Football Club Clifton Hill Development Policy

Our club endorses a football development policy based on technique, ball skill and football intelligence. We aim to develop young footballers to enjoy the game above all else and play with a smile on their face. This is achieved through training with a major focus on technique and skill at the appropriate intensity.

We focus on and teach our players the following football areas:

  • Technique
  • Ball skill
  • Football intelligence (insight)
  • Tactics
  • Speed
  • Co-ordination

This development policy ensures that player development is centred on technical training with the ball. Players are encouraged to enjoy the game in a professional but relaxed environment. In addition the policy gives our players the best opportunity to achieve their potential, to promote and uphold the ideas of sportsmanship, entailing respect for one’s teamates and opposition team.